Wilder Kaiser

You suck at riding

Thanks Dirt. This is mental. However hardcore you think you are, this guy is more hardcore. Keep in mind that everything looks less steep on video.

My bike riding began with mountain bikes, quite some time ago. I grew up in Canada – the flat part – so although it was technically mountain biking, there wasn’t a whole lot of elevation gained or lost. There was some pretty fun single track, but nothing like this (obviously). I spent some time in the Rockies before leaving and the riding there was phenomenal, but that was nearly 10 years ago. Feels like a lifetime ago.

I got a mountain bike again a couple of years ago but I just haven’t been using it as much as I’d like to, and definitely not like I used to. It’s a beautiful bike, which I don’t really deserve, and this year it has seen proper trail a total of twice. I hope to get out on it a lot more this summer, but when it comes down to it, it’s almost always easier to jump on the roadie. I don’t like riding trail alone and don’t know the trails here very well. For some reason the time riding to the trailhead doesn’t count as riding and simply becomes a chore, don’t ask me why, and I don’t have a car so I either have to ride for half an hour to get to the good stuff or bum a ride from someone, which is also annoying. Everyone in Canada rode MTB. Most people I know here ride road. Excuses, excuses.

I like mountain biking, and this is some good stuff. So slow. So tech. He may not have cleared every section, but he’s got balls the size of watermelons for even attempting it.