You cycle, you're in the family

You cycle, you’re in the family


I know this is going to sound all naive and idealistic, because if we as a species can’t find a common bond based on the mere fact that we all have essentially the same needs and desires, then a common activity shouldn’t be of any further assistance.

Nevertheless, sometimes we need a little help, and most people are pretty irrational anyway, so here goes…

Cycling is a family, and like a family with lots of kids, everyone has different interests. Some like getting their hands dirty. Some like precision and style. Some take a more holistic approach to life and integrate their interests into everything they do. Some are rebellious, some are shy, some are funny, some are dry. Sometimes they get along just fine, and at other times they won’t speak to each other.

But like a family, we all share a common bond.

We love riding bikes.

Below are three videos that tell the story of some of the members of our family, reminding us that whatever we do, wherever we are in life, or whatever kind of bike we ride, we’re all motivated by the same feeling that only riding a bike can provide.

This video nails it, repeatedly, saying all the right things on so many levels in support of making cycling a priority in our cities. For our cities sake, our neighborhoods, and ourselves.

Old, young, it doesn’t matter. Cycling is one of the first thrills that kids can provide for themselves, and much later in life it’s sometimes one of the last.

And naturally, with kids, it’s pretty simple. Why complicate matters?

Good old, life-affirming bike riding. There’s nothing like it.


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