Winter downhilling, getting rad, and the Glacierbike Downhill 2015

Winter downhilling, getting rad, and the Glacierbike Downhill 2015

So, I didn’t realize that this is a thing, and that it has been for the past 12 years.

The Glacierbike Downhill takes place in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, and consists of a handful of people who range from serious contenders to costumed-reprobates. What they all have in common is a strong desire to hurl themselves down a downhill ski-run starting at 3,500 meters above sea level… on bikes.

I don’t really think this requires too much more of an explanation, but I will just add one thing: I think these two videos sum up what cycling is all about.

In the first video we have a podium finisher. One of the participants who took this a little more seriously than others. Cycling is a serious business, from the multinational corporation that churns out millions of bikes and makes millions of dollars, to the homeless person for whom the humble bike might be the only sense of freedom that they have, or the child in Africa who for whom getting to school is made easier or possible by bike. Oh, and just so you aren’t totally confused by the music, yes, this is from the year 2015, and not 1989. To make matters worse, this song (the first one) was actually released in 2010

In the other corner, cycling is one of the best ways that adults cans still behave like children (in a good way). The second video gives you a little look at a bunch of adults goofing off at Glacierbike Downhill 2015, where it would seem that the majority of attendees were just out for a good time.

However you like your cycling, it deserves all the attention and encouragement that it can handle. It has endless potential for driving positive social change, positive personal change, positive economic change, and positively good times.


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