Who needs friends when you've got a bike?

Who needs friends when you’ve got a bike?


I’ve been getting into a bit of a routine with my new post format (Monday = product/review/similar, Wednesday = rant/insightful article/discussion, Friday = something entertaining), but I need to shift things around a bit for this week, with a nice little interview with an exciting Adelaide based cycling business needing some final touches (you’ll see it Wednesday),

What you get today is one of the better videos I’ve seen in quite some time. It’s long, so you may need to watch it when you’ve got some time, but it’s worth it.

I love a good adventure, and it doesn’t really get any more adventurous than this. One guy, a foreign, beautiful, yet daunting landscape, a bike in place of friends, and a ton of determination to have the time of his life. Makes me want to head out into the unknown. I’d rather take a few friends, though – I’m not quite that confident… For now, my adventures are a little smaller and a little more local.



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