124kph draft bike

What is your reaction to this?

I toyed with whether or not to post this video. On the one hand, you could say that it’s impressive. Not necessarily that it was done, but that they guy had the balls to do it, and the skills to do it with such apparent ease. Bunny hopping lane markers, waving to other cars, fiddling with the camera, and just generally gesticulating enthusiastically to other vehicles (that he was passing in the fast lane) at those speeds is an impressive display of confidence in his own ability, if nothing else.

On the other hand, you have the comments on the youtube page. Like flies to a light. Overwhelmingly, they are comprised of people who feel rather strongly about helmets. Specifically, the wearing of them. What is interesting to me is why?

I tend to think that if you were concerned with safety to the point that these people would have you believe, then you would probably advocate not placing your wheel 6 inches away from a truck, on a freeway, doing 124kph. Whether or not you wear a helmet while doing this seems rather arbitrary.

What is it about helmets that gets people so very, very upset? Why don’t they get as upset about other things that injure or kill so many more people? Reserving a special place in your heart for bike helmets seems a little strange. Even more so when many of those people don’t even ride a bike.

Just as I was torn over whether to post this video, I am torn over whether or not to engage in the helmet debate. I think I will, even though it’s a bit cliche and could potentially bore you to death, because there is something interesting to me about why people choose this topic to invest to much emotion into.

What do you think?