We can learn a thing or two from the good old days

We can learn a thing or two about cycling from the good old days


Ahh, the good old days.

My rough plan for the new weekly schedule of material here at The Sticky Bidon is to provide you with roughly 1 part product, 1 part discussion/rant/musing, and 1 part entertainment/levity/wonderment.

The end of the work-week seems as good as any to provide a tiny slice of the later to calm your jangled nerves and get you psyched for spending at least some of your weekend with a bike in one way or another.

So, without further ado, we have a few clips from the old-timey good-old-days, when life was simpler and more authentic. You know, when dying from polio was a common thing, life expectancy worldwide was hovering just above 30 years, women couldn’t vote, and pet weight loss programs/psychological services weren’t actual things…

First up, a country is encouraged to be vigilant of road debris so that cyclists won’t be kept from being productive members of society. Do your part!

Then, what flat-out on a Penny Farthing really looks like (suck it hipsters and retro-grouches).

And finally, sitting on a shoulder of mutton, shorts and sports, and the carefree any-old-things of modern youth – those rascals!

Cheerio, old fruits.


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