Videos you can't safely pass by

Videos you can’t safely pass by


So, on the one hand, I feel like I’m being lazy by already putting up some videos (because even though they are both informative and entertaining, I feel like I’m not doing enough work for it…), and on the other, why not start the year off with something informative and entertaining? Also, even though I am influenced by it the same as most people, I find the simple change of a number on a calendar as significant as one day following the next usually is. That is to say, who cares if this is the second post of 2016? It’s just another Monday. And, it’s actually been a while since putting up some videos, so… whatever.

With that out of the way, today’s theme is things you shouldn’t pass by without some consideration. The first video is a brilliant project that uses a bike to give people an appreciation what it is like to live with MS. It’s not often that you can put yourself in the shoes of someone else’s suffering, which is why this gets the top spot here.

These next two are a little more predictable. Though the actions of many would have you believe otherwise, cyclists do in fact fall under the category of things that deserve some consideration both before, and during, an attempt to pass them. The first video does a great job of illustrating just how much space is a comfortable amount of space when attempting to pass a cyclist on the road, and cleverly doing it in a way that everyone can identify with. Nice work Tasmania.

While this one says as much in the plainest way possible. To pass a cyclist safely is not a difficult thing, which is why simple information should be all you need.

And finally, to pass this by (presuming you have at least a passing interest in either cycling or psychopaths) would be a mistake. Nobody likes Armstrong, but… well, you’ll just have to watch it.


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