Video Roundup

Time to turn off the brain and relax. Here’s a few videos to take your mind off all those pressing responsibilities you have. Don’t worry – they’ll still be there when you’re done!

First up – Sven. If you like this, be sure to check out the rest of what cxhairs has to offer. The write-up on the behind the scenes of Svenness with Sven is really good too!

From navigating mud and sand to navigating overcrowded, dangerous roads in India:

From The Radavist, some good ‘ol shredding from Canada – with a difference:

“We have seen Jared Graves on a bike before, we have seen Canada before, we have heard electro/dub/pop before, and not that any of those things are wrong. I am happy as a clam to watch Mr. Graves absolutely tear apart any trail, but what this video does differently is the way it deals with its the sound design.

The muffled percussion and submerged staccato of Jared and his bike as he rips down the trail evoke the sensation of riding in a way that I haven’t heard expressed in other videos. Sound designer Keith White has accurately captured the sound of riding, the high tinny clanking goes away, much as it does when riding, as if those sharp sounds those peaks without substance just can’t reach our ears.

What Keith has expressed here is the onomatopoeia of riding, the thwacks, blahps, schralps, fufks, etc that flood our ears while we fly down a trail, the noises that wholly invade our audio system, a compliment to our senses, a full expression of action. Have a look, watch the fun, and pay attention to the sound of shredding.”

Feast your eyes and fill your ear-holes.

And one more from Le Coq Sportif, taking in L’Eroica through the experience of one pro and one amateur. These are the kind of rides I love. Hit the CC button for this one.


Header image: Stella Papini/Flickr