Video roundup – rush hour, making Ralieghs, and uphill sprints

There isn’t much to today’s post, but I found these interesting enough to think that maybe you would too. Also, it’s Friday and my brain is tired. Cycling in traffic can get a bit crazy sometimes. Somehow I think that these drivers are less at risk of hitting each other than the ones I have to deal with…

Raleigh shows you around 1940’s bike production from start to finish. Love the extra thick accents. So proper.

Finally, something I enjoy thoroughly – a hill to climb. Red Bull has its finger in all sorts of pies, and this one is a hill climb series that they take all over the world. Last year is was in Edinburgh. I just did a small version of this the night before Amy’s Gran Fondo in Lorne (a really great event that is in support of cycle safe communities) and put on by Cycling Tips.

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