Two Makers Randonneur Chair

Two Makers and Brooks provide rest for your weary bones

Ok, it’s not made by Brooks, but the leather bits are theirs. And it’s on their blog. The rocking chair is made by Two Makers, out of Kent, England. Inspired by them good old days, when everything was better: more real, more authentic, more absolute, but definitely more better.

As a chair, to me it actually looks like it might be a bit uncomfortable. Or at least not as comfortable as I’d like. A low back with really narrow, hard tubes for my boney arms to rest on doesn’t seem much better than a stool for the art of sitting. I don’t know, maybe it’s better for some bespoke sitting, but regular sitting? You know why the Eames lounge chair is so great? Aside from being completely awesome for looking at, it’s mightily comfortable for sitting in. It’s a good chair.

As a bike chair, well, that’s different. The Randonneur evokes old-timey cycling. Simply evokes it! Don’t forget, things were better then. Real. Steel. Leather. Lugs. Craft beer. Finely manicured hair and wild man of Borneo beards. Unbelievably expensive minimalistic lives. Little pointy leather shoes with no socks.

What? Oh, right. This is a bike chair. So it is basically all the nice classic bike elements mashed together into a rocking chair. You’ve got your Reynolds 631 steel, your leather from Brooks, your lugs, your nice welds. Things you can appreciate whilst rocking peacefully and rhythmically.

Sometimes, though, you might want to go for an extra long rocking session. One that requires stamina, and much effort. The kind of effort that requires you to replenish calories and mend the offending lack of pomade in ones coiffure or moustachio. For just such times, the chair generously provides reprive, in the form of a saddle bag, located right behind your saddle bag, and not one, but two bidon cages for restoring order to one’s parched constitution.

Two Makers Randonneur Chair Rear

Now and then during such rocking sessions you may encounter a situation that demands further effort. A fellow-rocker gives you the nod, and the real rocking begins. For these times, Two Makers have done the sensible thing and provided you with a set of drops to firmly grip, beautifully wrapped in Brooks leather, in order to tear the (chair) legs of any pretender to your status as King Of the Rockers. Rumor has it that Strava is working on introducing KOR’s, so get your training programs dialed, rockers, for the game is surely afoot.

So, a great bike chair it is indeed. What elevates this even beyond it’s greatness as a bike chair, however, is the beautifully crafted poetry that accompanies the photos of this beautifully crafted chair on the Brooks blog. I shall illuminate you on my favourites:

Firstly, this chair employs “the geometry of a ‘Randonneur’ bike”. Say goodbye to a sore back, and hello to relaxed handling.

This chair “exists in the contexts of ‘bespoke’ and of the genuinely authentic, through the personal relationship formed between maker and client”. You had better tell your partner that they are going to have to learn how to share, because in this chair’s presence, there exists another, and his is not merely authentic, but genuinely so. Genuinely Authentic®, making the authentic so much less so since a few months ago.

“The chair also shares the ethical, ecological, recyclable, and sustainable properties of it’s two-wheeled sibling.” It’s ethical because this chair relates to moral principles (obviously), ecological because the steel was hand picked by fair trade workers from the steel-bushes of Tristan de Cunha (for every bush they pick bare, they plant another), recyclable because once this chair has rocked it’s last, you can cut it up and have some short lengths of pipe to do all manor of profound things with, and sustainable? Forget it, it’s properties will sustain even the most unsustainable of unfortunate things.

Finally, “the rocking motion evokes a similar feeling of freedom and delight that is associated with riding a bicycle.” Amen. Like my bicycle, this rocking chair will transport me to a place where my mortal coil is free from the weight of this world, where I am free to be, and to rock, endlessly.

The chair also shares the ethical, ecological, recyclable, and sustainable properties of its two-wheeled sibling. – See more at:
the geometries of a ‘Randonneur’ bikethe
the geometries of a ‘Randonneur’ bike
the geometries of a ‘Randonneur’ bike

the geometries of a ‘Randonneur’ bike

the geometries of a ‘Randonneur’ bike