Treadly's Christmas gift guide

Treadly’s Christmas gift guide


With only a few weeks left until Christmas, it would seem prudent to get on with the gift guiding. Getting the right thing for the right person can be hard even when they’re not a cyclist with particular tastes and all the gear. Adelaide’s Treadly Bike Shop brings us a Christmas gift guide with a cross-section of tasty bits from big to small, and for one and all.

If you don’t see the perfect item below, hopefully it will at least give you an idea for something that is. Either way, wherever you are, remember to check your friendly local bike shop for availability or to see if they have any other goodies that may be perfect for under the tree or in the stocking of your favourite cycling-fiend.

Words and images: Jake @Treadly Bike Shop

Here at Treadly we thought we’d take the stress out of at least one (depending on how many cyclists you’re buying for) gift this silly season and show off some of our favourite products – and a couple of essentials!

First cab off the rank is our newest product (as of writing this), the Crane E-ne Bell. Light, well made and less than half the size of your average bell, these are an excellent gateway bell to the excellent, critically acclaimed Spurcycle Ringer, at a little over half the price.

Crane Bell

Crane E-ne Bell available in Matte Black, Matte Silver, Polished Gold and Polished Copper, $42.95

Next up – a sturdy place to put your water. Klean Kanteen have long been the go-to for those who need to carry their liquids off the beaten trail, and need the container they’re doing that in to stand up to some serious use and abuse. A favourite with heavy-duty bike tourers as much as they are with the general public for their toughness and lack of leakage, these are a great gift for the cyclist and the non-cyclist alike!

Klean bottle

Klean Kanteen bottles available in a range of colours, from $29.95 (18oz Classic)

These little dudes have traveled a long way only to get stuck at our little bike shop – they’d love to complete their journey from France to your mantle piece when the morning of the 25th rolls around. Hand painted with a range of team colours, these are a great office Kris Kringle gift – and they come in a fancy box!

Cycling figures

Cycling figurines are available in a range of styles, $34.95

For the tiniest of shredders – the Strider balance bike range is perfect to get kids learning how to steer before they grow into pedal-powered speed demons, and you’ll never have to confuse them with training wheel! The Pro model shown here comes with an extended seatpost and moto-style number plate, as well as lighter aluminium components, shedding nearly 500g off the Sport model (we start our weight weenies young here).


Striders come in Classic, Sport, and Pro in a range of colours, starting from $129

Everyone needs these two – if you know someone who owns a bike and doesn’t have either of them, it’s your duty to rectify that. Our pick is the Juice Lubes Wet Lube or Viking Juice for an all-conditions lube and these Schwalbe Tyre Levers have been through thick and thin with us in the workshop and always come through.

Juice Lubes

Juice Lubes are available in Wet, Dry, Wax and Viking, $16.95

These collaborative Ass Savers we did with the guys from Bombtrack using the artwork from this year Boucle de Burbs came out great, and they’re an excellent way to keep your butt dry when the roads get a little wet. Only available from us these are a great and inexpensive way to get yourself a very, very limited piece of Treadly history!

Treadly's Christmas gift guide

Boring-old regular coloured Ass Savers are also available, all styles $12

For the traveller! The Brompton M3L (medium handlebar, 3-speed, fenders) is a do-it-all city bike, weekend cruiser and commuting machine all rolled into one. Drive it to the parklands for a free park and an easy ride to work, or throw it in a Brompton cover and sneak it on the bus when you’re to tired to ride home.


Brompton folding bikes are available in a wide range of colours and configurations, prices start from $2190

Finally, when you’ve exhausted every synapse racking your brain for that cyclist who seems to have everything – the quintessential Treadly cap. Printed with the artwork from our walls and some Dutch orange stripes for a bit of colour, these look great with everything and are sure to make it into the cap rotation of anyone who’s got one.

Treadly Cap

These Italian-made caps are one-size-fits-most, $35

Header image: The Sticky Bidon