This just in – you can do skids in Africa too!

Who knew?

Cinelli produced a video of Lucas Brunelle spreading the image of cyclists-as-giant-douchebags to the good people of Africa. Maybe he felt that he could free them from the bondage of getting to where you wanted to go without incident and having “the man” subjugate you with “rules” to keep people “safe”. Squares. Horrible social and economic conditions? Bah. What Africa needs is the freedom to ride around on bikes like 11 year olds who were just told to definitely not pull skids on their new bikes, but definitely will because “you’re not the boss of me!” They’re rebels, you see.

Terrorising everyone around you (pedestrians, but drivers too) and being proud of it is like an adolescent (or adult, which is so much more pathetic) going around department stores and pulling all of the soft things they can find off the shelves, and carefully and quietly knocking down the hard things so as not to create a real scene and get in trouble, except that it actually has lasting implications for people’s lives. These kind of people aren’t my cup of tea. I would choose to pass up spending time with them in favour of doing pretty much anything else, but I’m sure they would feel the same about me (as if!).

I also don’t think they do cycling any favours. Please enlighten me if they do. People who have nothing of great significance to be passionate about but who want to feel apart of something greater than themselves and are also a bit lazy, will usually gravitate towards something rather shallow or meaningless to put their outrage into. Wish cycling would be taken more seriously by the general public? Hey man, my sweet skids and reckless nature are the seeds I am sowing to start a grass-roots movement that will totally convince people to accept that cycling is a legitimate form of transportation and recreation that is good for the community at large. Mind you, if it did, it wouldn’t quite have that rebel status and they might have to move onto some other way to show that they are an individual.

There are many, many other people who choose cycling as their platform from which to shout nonsense and feel important, but I’ll get to that in another post as soon as I have time.

Quite frankly, I’m a bit disappointed that Cinelli still aligns themselves with (and encourages) this sort of behaviour/marketing, because they actually make some pretty nice bikes.


Header Image: kate mccarthy/Flickr