Commuting by bike

The why and how of commuting by bike

I like commuting by bike, and there are many reasons for this. We’ll keep it simple today, so below you’ll find one very good reason, plus a whole bunch of tips to make commuting by bike more of a privilege than a chore.

One very, very good reason:

But which bike is best?

Do you prefer your advice from the ladies (though none of this is gender-specific)?

I know the majority of people are enjoying the early days of summer at the moment, but for the rest of us in the Southern Hemisphere it’s getting cold, dark, and wet, so here’s one for us. This applies to commuters as much as it does to those heading out for a training ride or even racing. Besides, commuters come in all types, so commuting by bike can be both transportation as well as training, and now and then you find yourself an unwitting participant in the commuter games…

However you do it, just make sure you do it. You’ll be happier. Trust me.