The people behind the progress

The people behind the progress

The Knight Foundation is behind many, many social/political/entrepreneurial initiatives, but the Engaged Communities category is what interests me the most. That’s where 8-80 Cities and Gehl Architects comes in, taking an active role in changing the landscape as it pertains to cycling in cities all around the world. These are the people behind the progress.

Below is a simple video from 8-80 Cities about how to get more people on bikes. Gil Penalosa, executive director of 8-80 Cities talks a lot of sense. It’s not really that complicated, it just needs doing, and a city with leaders who have enough courage to unshackle themselves from the tyranny of the status-quo.

Next, Gehl Architects provides a slightly different explanation of how Copenhagen arrived at it’s current status as the benchmark when it comes to cycling mode-share, rather than the usual, “billions of cyclists were being killed and the people revolted!” explanation. Again, makes a lot of sense.

Change takes dedication, but it also takes time and money. It’s a good thing there are organizations like these to provide such resources.

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