The life Ford needs you to live

The life Ford needs you to live


The automobile industry has been shaping our lives directly and indirectly for a long, long time now. From massive pushes to take over the roads from people, cyclists, and horses, conspiracies to end the electric car, putting powerful lobbyists into the governments ear to build infrastructure that encourages more dependency on cars, to simple, not-so-subtle messages that imply that there is really only one way to live a normal life: with a car.

This commercial from Ford Australia is a perfect example of that.

“…this is what some people call service – they take your keys and point you to the nearest bus stop!”, begins the narrative, in a very snivelly, disgusted tone.

“Are they serious?!?”, our hero winces, with voice raised in anguish.

“Well, you don’t have to put up with it.”

No indeed. Ford is taking care of you, making sure that you don’t have to spend a minute stuck in traffic in anything else other than their vehicles.

Public transportation? Who on earth would want to use anything but a car to get around? Like an absolute chump?! You mean, what – seriously? I have to somehow function, for a day or two, WITHOUT A CAR???!?!?!?

I actually have to arrive to work with less stress, not having to look for or pay for parking, with a bunch of second-rate, unfortunate, probably unsuccessful, crazy, and/or borderline homeless vagrants?

No, no, my good man. You’d have to be an idiot to think that public transportation, walking, or… I shudder to think – cycling, is a viable option. After all, I live to 5 miles, or 8 kilometers from work, and that’s an impossible distance to cover in anything other than a personal vehicle, which I need all to myself.

So thank-you, Ford Australia, for saving the day and preventing this horrible fate from materializing. I can rest easy, knowing that Ford is doing their best to keep me more stressed, less fit, more dangerous, less productive, more costly to myself and the general public, less in touch with my community, and more polluting and dependent on natural resources.

That’s what service should be.


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