The 90's will be the next thing people "do"

The 90’s will be the next thing people “do”

Are you ready to get rad? These guys, believe it or not, were bad-ass in the 90’s. Or, at least, they appear to be portrayed that way in the video. Rebels. Rebels with tucked in t-shirts and fanny packs. Rock and roll.

Either way, they are shredding the face off of that city with face-melting wheelies and mind-blowing descents down whole flights of stairs. Whole flights! Oh, you need long travel suspension? Your girlfriend called, she wants her skirt back. You back-flipped that road gap? Nice – did you learn that at day-care, baby-man?

These guys are pedalling hard, riding fast, and hopping kerbs with no regard for the law or personal safety. …What? Oh. Well, they’re wearing helmets and stopping at red lights, but they got really close to that lady at that one light, and are totally freaking out drivers and pedestrians with their near-death nose-wheelies of death, right?

Whatever. I’m calling it now: the neu-hipster will turn to the 90’s for inspiration, and the hot new look will be 26″ rigid mountain bikes with centre-pull brakes, fanny packs, t-shirts tucked into lycra shorts, proper toe-clips, black shoes and white socks. The beard and shaved sides/long top combo will give way to a bleached centre-part, complete with earing – a nice stud, preferably. Luckily, they get to keep the short-shorts. Totes bodacious, brah. Possibly even radical.

Ok, so, enjoy your 17 minutes of shreddage, kids.

Your welcome.