Take me to your weekend!

Take me to your weekend!

Welcome to your Friday. It’s the day before the weekend, don’t you know? The weekend, I’m told, is when people like to relax. Unwind. Take a load off. So, as I like to do now and then, let’s start that process by leaving the weighty critical analysis for another day and just watch some neat-o videos.

So, first up is, one the one hand, just a guy riding a bike like you’ve seen a million times before, but on the other hand, it’s also totally different. It’s a bit like a dream – real enough to be familiar, but just off enough to feel a bit weird. I don’t understand the point of it, but I like it. Which I’m pretty sure is the point.

This one can lead to all sorts of difficult conversations you could have, but it’s also pretty inspiring. Go with the inspiring part.

And finally, this guy. What a champ. He shreds, he’s funny, he’s quite well-spoken, he’s got a pretty mature take on life, and he’s a little ball of positivity.

There. Now you’re happy and ready to commence with the weekend.



Header image: The Sticky Bidon