Take back the streets - so easy kids can do it

Take back the streets – so easy kids can do it


Last week was pretty full on for me, so, I’m going to keep this one short with a sweet video to hopefully give me a head start on some other things I need to catch up on.

So, kids. Even if we don’t all like them, we can all agree that we need to look out for them. Because, you know, they’re kids.

It’s been said before that the reason that the cycling revolution was so successful in The Netherlands because it didn’t actually focus on cycling at all – it focused on the children. Blindly giving more and more of the streets over to cars to do as they wished was killing kids by the hundreds (and adults by the thousands), so something needed to be done about it.

These kids were probably aware of this, but they were really pretty concerned with simply having space to be kids. Space that is equally as valuable for adults. Space for living.

Obviously we can learn much from kids – they’re ignorance of many things is a disadvantage, but that is sometimes out-weighed by other things that they are ignorant of that can make us horrible people (until they learn those things as well). They do not know how to be hopeless, and cynical, and jaded, and although they are naturally selfish from birth in many ways, they don’t naturally see everyone around them as an enemy, as competition, as contrary to their personal interests.

They are willing to try, perhaps because they have less to lose, but then, maybe we have less to lose than we might think, and much more to gain if we just think like kids.

Anyway, I was trying to keep this short, so, just watch the video!


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