Why The Sticky Bidon?

The sticky bidon. In cycle racing, each team will have a car that follows the peleton around that contains the DS, a co-driver, and a mechanic. A common tactic for giving one of your riders a bit of help en route is, when handing a fresh bidon (or bottle in English) to the rider from the team car, both the team director and the rider will hold onto it for a moment before one lets go, providing the rider with a little push. Basically, this is cheating, but these races can be brutal and as long as it is not too obvious and the rider is not in a position where it has any effect on the lead riders, the team is not penalized and everyone is happy.

The Sticky Bidon aims to engage the issues that help cycling and hurt it; the ones that matter to regular people who chose the bicycle as a way of life, and to do so without bias (well, with as little as possible). With any luck it can help give cycling culture a little push in the right direction. The Sticky Bidon is your team car for your commute into town, and your chaise lounge to unpack it when you arrive.

This is not a website for cyclists, but for people who ride bikes. It is an important distinction. People who ride bikes can certainly be cyclists, but not always, and statistically, probably not even usually. People who ride bikes do so, at least some of the time, as nothing more than a regular part of life, like getting ready for work or buying groceries. They didn’t “ride their bike to the store”, they simply “went to the store” – on their bike. Of course many of those people cycle for fun and some even race bikes competitively. A growing number of people are riding bikes both recreationally and as simply a mode of transportation, and The Sticky Bidon aims to serve all bike riders. There will, however, be no race coverage or reviews of 80mm carbon wheel sets here (unless there is a very good reason!). The focus will be on anything that makes life better or more interesting for people who ride bikes. How cycling affects my life: commuting, advocacy, government, infrastructure, policy, cars vs. bikes, helmet use, responsibility. It is where you come to find something different: unique products, independent designers, shops, and ideas. Product reviews? Absolutely. This is where you come to kill some time: videos, photos, stories. This is where I get to take my soap box out: editorial, discussion, arguing both sides of the story.

I’m not an ex-racer (though I have had tremendous fun messing about in them now and then), or a personal trainer. I have worked in a bike shop for a number of years but have no direct personal investment in the industry. I’ve cycled most of my life and used it as primary transport off and on over the last twenty or so years, and exclusively for the last six. Basically, I’m just a guy who loves bikes. We all have a perspective, and this is mine.

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