Something is better than nothing

Something is better than nothing


I was about to give up and come to terms with the fact that I didn’t have sufficient time to write anything worth reading for today. “They’ll survive a couple of days without having anything to check out after exhausting all the other avenues of internet-based, cycling-related musings and/or entertainment”. But then I thought, “No, these people deserve better! They at least deserve a hastily thrown-together mashup of random videos to pass as a legitimate effort to win their hearts and minds!”. So, as promised…

Below is a selection of videos showing various places that are at various stages of getting the job done when it comes to cycling. And also some Mayors who know what’s up. I’ll start you off with one of my favourite part from any of these videos:

You, the person at the top – you gotta stand up, and say, this is a priority, and we’re going to deliberately make sure that in all of our decisions, when we repave, when we approve building plans, construction plans, we ask the question, “Is there space for bike lanes here?” – Mayor of Memphis, TN

Here’s a snapshot of why Minneapolis is fighting for top spot for the USA’s best cycling city:

What does Canadia have to say?

And you’d have to be either crazy or painfully predictable to not finish off with the OG of cycling countries. Can someone remind me why we don’t just copy them? Oh, was that because of their devastated economy? The raft of closed businesses on their traffic restricted streets? Their unhappy people? Their unhealthy population? Their lack of cold weather, wind, or rain? Maybe the carnage on their streets? No? None of those? Is it because you like being able to drive 800 meters because, well, you’re not an animal, are you?

Sorry, it’s late and I’m getting tired. Better to just leave you to it.

Job done. Until next time.


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