Happy Shopping Eurobike 2014

Some good and less good stuff from Eurobike 2014!

I’m not really one to get too excited over new gear coming out. I usually only look for something if and when I need it, so most of the time I’m unaware of new products until long after they have come out, and that’s usually by chance.

So, in a departure from the norm, I’ve taken a virtual cruise around Eurobike for 2014 and have selected some highlights, and maybe a few low-lights, for your edification. I will not include any bikes, because reading about things that are 30% stiffer and 18% lighter and 4.7% more comfortable and 9.37% more compliant gives me chronic narcolepsy. These are some things that won Awards from the Eurobike jury (apparently only Germany produced anything new this year):

Tripple2 S-Beux Pant

222 S-Buex Waterproof pants

I’ve spent the last winter staying reasonably dry but hating every second of it. The reason? My waterproof pants that I used to commute in are terrible. Abysmal, even. Granted, they’re not cycle specific, and they’re not very expensive (read: cheap), but terrible nonetheless. These look better. Normal looking pants that are properly waterproof. I’d love to give them a try, but I doubt they’ll send any my way as they don’t have any shops outside of Deutschland, Ӧsterreich, Schweiz, Niederlande, or Belgien. So I guess their inclusion here is kind of irrelevant… Anyway, their Kort shorts look pretty sweet too, but I really have no idea what they’re all about as I can’t read German.

Schaeffler’s Fag Velomatic

Honestly, I don’t care how it works and I have no interest in getting my hands on one. Bikes simply do not need automatic gears. Aside from that, it is included here merely because I can’t believe the marketers went with this name. I tried to find out what fag means in German, assuming it is something rather more innocuous, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. If they want to market this to any English speaking economy, then it’s just a bit daft. Or do I just need to grow up?

Vaude Minaki Shorts

Here’s what you need to know: they’re puffy and bright blue. I don’t know, maybe it’s a Euro thing, but no matter how good these things are I wouldn’t be caught dead in bright blue puffy-shorts (they come in black, but it’s hardly better).

Vaude Minaki Shorts

MOTO Reflex Pedal

I swear I’ve seen something like this before, but I can’t find any trace of it on the interweb. It’s hard to imagine that someone hasn’t brought to market something so simple until now. Basically, you have a big, flat, light platform with an equally simple (and adjustable!) axle, and some skateboard griptape stuck to both sides. The only thing that makes me sad about these is Oli, the creator and host of the video below. Don’t cry Oli. You did good.


Kids Fat Bike

S’Cool XXFat 20-9


Sugoi Zap Jacket

I am a bit biased here for two reasons. Firstly, Sugoi is Canadian, and I am Canadian, and therefore it is the best. QED. To top it off, I’ve had a jacket from Sugoi that has not only been completely awesome, but it has, so far, given me nine (9) years of awesomeness even while getting completely thrashed. It’s getting to the end of it’s life, but it’s still the business. Their new Zap line is waterproof and entirely reflective, so if you commute or ride recreationally, this seems like a winner.

And the rest of the stuff that was awarded “Award” status shouldn’t matter to you, because it held little interest for me (with the exception of the Giro Empire Shoes).



Header Image: David Evers/Flickr