Road rage revenge

Road rage revenge… and stick bugs…


Let’s be honest – now and then, when someone cuts you up on the road or devalues your life in some other way, you probably end up having a bit of revenge fantasy. You know, an eye for an eye, or an ear for an ear…

Sometimes you are told stories about how “this one time, my mate nearly got killed by some idiot in a car, and he pulled his lock out and smashed his/her window in…”, and at least some small part of you gets excited about the fact that vigilante justice was served. Maybe you don’t go as far as smashing windows or mirrors. Maybe your revenge fantasy is simply a well placed, extremely clever yet incredibly piercing verbal reposte.

Then again, maybe you are a grown-up and don’t condone this kind of boorish behaviour even in theory.

Of course, revenge is a tricky one. It can backfire really easily and can often times make things worse. I actually think that the video above sends the wrong message. Or maybe it’s just a different message. It’s a very real message, to be sure, as road rage can often escalate beyond the initiators intentions, but the video doesn’t get to the heart of why raging is less than desirable.

In any case, although revenge is commonly the first thought that many people who have been threatened have, it is certainly less beneficial than resolution. Resolution does not deliver instantaneous results. It does not deliver an endorphin rush. It does not vent your anger. A resolution, if achieved, does solve the problem for both parties, and in a more long-term fashion. Mind you, it’s pretty hard to achieve in moving traffic… In that case, just get on with your day and don’t let the man get you down.

On the other hand… that’s not nearly as entertaining as this:

And while we’re at it, as we are part way through the 2015 Tour de France, there is no better time to take a revealing glimpse into the true nature of the pro peloton…


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