Rapha has No Plan B

Rapha has No Plan B

Actually, plan A is that they have no plan B.

Aside from clothes, Rapha makes a few pretty good films. Plan A is short and sweet if you don’t have time to sit around. Plan B is long, but it’s pretty good viewing.

Plan A

This would definitely be my plan A if I had a choice as to how to take a vacation with my bike. It’s everything Rapha stands for: quality, posh, style, most likely very expensive, and epic. If you’ve got the means, I doubt that there would be a better way to do a holiday by bike, if you like your holidays to include exhaustion, pain, and suffering, with a bit of beauty and triumph in between. Plus, they tattoo you and force you to grow a beard. That’s what I heard, anyway.

(No) Plan B

Plan B is that there is no plan B. It’s all about plan A. A word of warning: this film is pretty raw. If you have or have had cancer or know someone that does or did (who doesn’t?), this might be a bit uncomfortable to watch at times, but it’s also extremely uplifting and beautiful.

Here is the theme in a nutshell:

Instead of survivorship I want thrivorship. Thrivorship is not a word, but it’s a mindset, it’s an approach, it’s an experience that people should be entitled to. I unequivocally believe you’ve got to have suffering to have glory. I think that it’s naive to think that you get glory without suffering. Suffering is intrinsically intertwined in the fabric of life, and you getting the fullness and understanding in life. You don’t understand glory if there has been no price.

This I am certain of: Rapha knows how to sell it’s product, and does so with style. I want some Rapha gear, and I most certainly want to ride my bike around Corsica now. Thanks, Rapha. Thanks a lot.

Justin and his friend Adam have created Thrivor as a cancer charity. All profits from the Rapha Thrivor cap go to Thrivor, so go here to place your order.


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