This is an outrage!

How have I not come across this before?!? I only just stumbled across Cycle Ball (or Radball, from the German) tonight, but I am shocked to learn that it isn’t exactly new. A little angry, even. The third video below is from a demonstration match at the Coors International Bicycle Classic in 1984, where it was in fact a brand new thing as far as Americans knew.

It’s a UCI sanctioned sport, with the world champions wearing the same hallowed rainbow stripes that the likes of Merckx, Moser, LeMond, and Cavendish.

Get this – it’s been around since 1893, and if it’s been anywhere near this awesome the entire time, I am quite simply dumbfounded at why this hasn’t been the dominant form of cycling ever since. Seriously, we need to get a league going asap so everyone can finally have something worthwhile to do on a Friday night.

Then again, cyclocross is pretty awesome but that only just took the North America and Australia by the balls a hand-full of years ago, even though that’s also as ancient as the grassy hills it runs muddy ruts through.

So as it’s Friday and all, I leave you with a few examples of the best thing I’ve seen… well, at least this week – RADBALL!!!



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