Put down your work, it's time to play

Put down your work, it’s time to play


Alright. That’s enough work for now. It’s time for some fun.

What do you get when you combine toys that kids play with, heaps of creativity, and the skill that only comes with years of practice?

Well, cycling. But also this, which is awesome:

But somehow not quite as awesome as playing with the real thing. I think the production on this might actually be more impressive than the riding itself (those camera fly-throughs!), but you be the judge…

Sure, I don’t have a mountain bike at the moment (because I almost never used the one I had and don’t have the space to have one hanging around…), but I still love it. I’ll have one again some day. It may be true that I also don’t have strong thrill-seeker streak (it’s diminished with age, starting from an already low potency), but I still love getting out on the trails to play on whatever bikes I do have, and still get pumped watching people shred the ol’ gnar and such.

With that said, if trees and rocks aren’t a hard enough landing to make you reconsider going warp speed on a bike:

There you go. That should help get you through the week.


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