From one second to the next

From One Second To The Next

From One Second To The Next is a short film brought to you by AT&T and directed by Werner Herzog, and it looks at the issue of texting, or simply being preoccupied with your phone rather than the road, while driving, and the terrible consequences that can arise from it.

You can probably guess how it’s going to go, but it’s worth watching anyway. Maybe something that’s worth forwarding to someone you know who is a compulsive phone user.

This is of particular interest to the more vulnerable road users out there, as cyclists and pedestrians are infinitely more likely to be killed as a result (examples, as if you need them, are here, here, here, and various cases relating to phone use here). It is of particular interest to us because we are the ones who are put in danger most of the time, but motorists should be the one’s paying close attention, as they’re primarily the ones doing the killing.

Using a phone while cycling is a contentious issue, with strong views from both sides of the argument. The argument(s) of the opposition to mobile phone use while cycling hardly need spelling out, while those who think it should be legal basically say that it’s no big deal. Cyclists are more aware of their surroundings and are travelling at a slower speeds, so it’s not dangerous. The fact that the Dutch do it all the time is sometimes offered up as proof of this…  Nothing will ever reach the dizzying heights of the helmet debate, but the using your phone while cycling issue is in the same category. Definitely a topic I will get into soon. Whatever your view on the matter, what is clear, is that when you are dealing with traffic, either passively or actively, situations can change from one second to the next. That one second could be the moment you choose to glance at your phone, and the next could be your last.

In any case, sit back and get ready to be sad, and/or disgusted.


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