So much Ritte can't be wrong

So much Ritte can’t be wrong

These guys are the guys. Sweet bikes, for sure, but Ritte is a likeable brand because they’ve got sweet bikes in spades and they know how to make the fun times.

Here’s how: you take one of these:

Ritte Vlaanderen

Yes please

Add a dash of this:

Fold in a pinch of this:

And for added flavour with suggestions of the exotic, season from a hight with a sprinkling of this:

Ritte - Ivan's 1919 prototype

Just the Ritte amount of flavour

Then enjoy with a four-year old glass of Ritte’s finest one of these:

You’ll end up with a glutton of fun times that will keep in the freezer for years and will be the hot topic at all the snazziest of get-togethers. You needn’t worry about being the cause of hushed voices and stolen glances, because, after all, so much Ritte can’t be wrong.


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