Moving Beyond the Automobile

Moving Beyond the Automobile

Streetfilms is part of the Streetsblog organization, “a daily news source connecting people to information about sustainable transportation and livable communities.” Today you get two of the many short, but succinct pieces they have produced about the possibility, nay, the necessity of transitioning to a more sustainable and productive way of using our streets, in a series called Moving Beyond the Automobile.

The first one is a bit more general. It’s about how awesome cycling is. Surprise! It’s still rather good, though, like a tasty little appetizer to get your juices going, so tuck in.

What strikes me about this one, about road diets, is how much sense this makes. Really, aside from the huge number of people who wouldn’t stop for even a second to consider that this makes sense… which is a bit of a problem… this seems like a no-brainer that could be done tomorrow. Everywhere. Alright, not everywhere, but really, quite a number of places would benefit tremendously from a road diet. Fortunately, a growing number of places are benefiting tremendously from road diets. Everyone wins – pedestrians, cyclists, communities, businesses – even those pesky motorists!

If you need more, just head here. And, if you’ve got any loose change jingling around in your pockets, these people count on some of their funding to come from readers, just like you!


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