Midweek randomness

Midweek randomness


Well… not that random.

It’s another one of those days. Midweek, tired, unenthused, and no time (or energy) to create something. Fortunately, there is time to curate something.

For your viewing pleasure: a selection of people doing things with bikes, or bikes doing things with people, or bikes doing things without people.

Here’s Canada showing you that the future is now, and it’s amazingly useless.

Oh, you want to have a go too, the Netherlands?

Call me biased, but I’m going to have to give this to the Canadians.

Never was there a more ingenious and unnecessary way to illegally paint rainbows, but I’m glad he decided to show us. Gives you the impression that he’s not all that concerned about a quick, inconspicuous getaway, no?

Finally, to get you inspired enough to last until your weekend begins, we have this. The poetry is a bit forced, but it’s pretty good production. Makes me want to shred, even though I don’t have the ability.

Enjoy your Wednesday.


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