Life Paint and Flame Angel - Be seen to be safe, be safe and see

Life Paint and Flame Angel – Be seen to be safe, be safe and see

Be seen

Volvo has been a pretty big deal lately, and for good reason: They’ve invented reflective paint.

Actually, no, they haven’t. Reflective paint isn’t a brand-new idea, and in the bike world Mission have already created the Lumen:

What Volvo, with lots of help from Albedo100, have done is put it in the hands of the people, to put it on whatever they want.

To be fair, Albedo100 already have a light-reflecting and washable paint, but let’s not get hung up on that and move on to the fact that Volvo have brought it into the world of bikes.

This isn’t the first safety product for cycling that Volvo has put forward, either. A short while back, with POC helmets and Ericsson, they unveiled a concept that allows POC-helmeted cyclists and Volvo-driving motorists to be alerted of each other via the cloud, with the aim of avoiding accidents between them. Part of Volvo’s new City Safety system. They take this stuff seriously.

Anyway, the paint. In a nutshell, it’s invisible and washes out in about a week, but you can spray it on absolutely anything and it will become highly reflective. The applications for this are endless. Observe:

Reflect on that.


Be safe and see

Life Paint and Flame Angel - Be seen to be safe, be safe and see

Flame Angel is a new kid on the block. They haven’t even technically moved in yet, but they’re trying to. Currently in the midst of their Kickstarter campaign, Flame Angel really looks quite promising, but there’s a small twist – its first and foremost a diving light.

With all the billions of cycling lights out there, why would any cyclists go and splash out a fair bit of coin on a diving light? How about this:

It’s waterproof to 300 meters. Average cycling lights are waterproof to around 1 meter for about 30 minutes, with some of the best going to 120 meters. This light is the last thing you need to be worried about on a wet ride.

It’s indestructible. Look:


It’s got a cool, solid-state switch. No moving parts here, and no fiddling around to make it work, even with gloves on.

1000 lumens. Bright enough for really any application. It’s got 3 intensities (not sure what they are…) and runs for an hour on max, which is pretty short, actually, 5 hours on medium, which might be pretty good, and up to 22 hours on the low setting. For commuting, I like that. Many of the bright lights out there don’t offer a lower-power, longer run-time setting to this extent for this context, where you don’t need anywhere near 1000 lumens. No mention of a flashing mode, however, so there’s that. I guess it’s relatively small, however, so getting the battery in a package that has these features and is only 131mm x 28mm, something’s got to give. In this case, that’s run time.

It’s hot. Aesthetics are subjective, but look at this thing. There are definitely worse looking lights out there.

Mounting options. The Flame Angel uses a GoPro mount, so you can really fit it almost anywhere. The folks at Indiglo have got, aside from an even brighter light, a pretty slick dual-mount to accommodate GoPro and Garmin attachments which should work for this too.

There are a few other features, but if you like what you see so far and would like a light for all kinds of applications aside from cycling, head over to the Flame Angel Kickstarter page to see about getting one for yourself.


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