The indoor trainer just got real!

The indoor trainer just got real!

I hate using the indoor trainer. It’s boring. There’s no breeze. The bike is locked into position (I know there are trainers that move around, but I don’t have one). It has to be set up in the middle of the living room. Did I mention that it’s really, really, boring?

I have been trying to get more fit for a few months now, coming out of winter and all, and I actually got into a reasonably decent habit of using the indoor trainer on a somewhat regular basis. I had a little programme that I went through so I didn’t actually get that bored. And I had all 24 hours of Le Mans to get through, so what better time to do it? I have a couple of DVD’s that are actually pretty good, and there are numerous videos that you can just dial-up on the old interwebs that can get results and pass the time pretty well.

You know what, though? Just the idea of setting it up and sitting there for an hour is enough to put me off doing it at all. Which is precisely what I’ve done (or not done) for the last few months.

With all that said, if you are looking for specific fitness gains, a home trainer is without any doubt a super effective tool for the job. There is no point arguing it, because it just works. Even with good, warm weather to ride in, if you’ve only got an hour, a good trainer session is hard to beat. I need to get back on it, like it or not.

If one could get rid of that “or not” part, things would be different…

…and then there was the ebove B/01 bike, from Activetainment. A complete game changer. It’s not surprising when you find out that it comes from Norway, being a finely designed bit of technical electronic wizardry and all. I won’t need to explain anything about it once you watch the video below. There will be no what? or why? or even how? None of that needs to be answered, and you won’t care about any of that anyway. There will just be “how can I get one?” Observe:

Told you.

The other interesting part? They’re hiring!