Indiglo5 rear

Indiglo5 ready to set your world alight

It’s been in the works for a while now, but yesterday a new light hit the market, brought to you by Indiglo, a small company from Adelaide, South Australia.

Yep, yet another new light. There are hundreds if not thousands of them out there, and each one is better than the rest, so I keep getting told. So why is this any different? The light (obviously!).

Sure, it’s bright, but it also has quite a high CRI rating. This meanins that it’s awfully close to natural light, giving you a better view of what’s in front of you. You also get a huge spread that is evenly disbursed, making it easier to see what’s at the edge of the trail or road. Most lights have a really intense spot at the centre, and an ok to reasonable spread that is quite a bit less bright by contrast. The team behind Indiglo5 have worked hard on getting the optics right so you get maximum visibility in the periphery, with no dead spots or significant drop-off from centre. Observe:

Indiglo5 Beam

Here is is against a Magicshine MJ-8008E (Magicshine on the right):

Indiglo5 vs Magicshine MJ-808E

And the Exposure Diablo MK5 (Diablo on the right):

Indiglo5 vs Exposure Diablo MK5

Not bad. Add to that multiple mounts (there is one that holds the light from below and your Garmin on top), cordless and slim design, the ability to change batteries on the go or add a booster to extend run time, and they can update or recycle the light depending on what you want to do with it down the road, and it all sounds pretty promising. I’ll be getting my hands on one very soon, so after spending some time with it I’ll update you on how it works in practice, on and off road. In the meantime, get onto Kickstarter, where they are hoping to bring this to the masses, with your help.

Stay tuned.