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Who doesn’t like new toys? I know I do, and I also know that I don’t like duds. You might have money to randomly throw at new products until you get one that does what it promises, but I don’t. At The Sticky Bidon, we want to give you the best opportunity to vet the options you have so you can be a little more confident in your purchases.

How do we do it? Pretty simple, really. Find out what it’s supposed to do. Use it for it’s intended purposes (and probably a few others for good measure). Use it some more, and then tell you what we think. Often we’ll follow it up for a long-term report (6+ months of use).

All reviews are subjective, but at least we’ll try to put that into the most appropriate context possible. That’s the difference here. We try to keep our preferences out of it, and focus on what you get, and what the product delivers. Do the zippers work? Was anything faulty? Does it hold up over time? Does it do what it promises?

Sure, our opinions are included, but we’re pretty clear that what we like you might not, and vice versa, and try to qualify it as much as possible.

We don’t bother reviewing full-race oriented gear. There are more than enough sites out there doing that, but more to the point, it’s not what we’re about. Anything that makes cycling better or even makes enjoying cycling off the bike better, for regular people, is right up our alley.

We have no affiliations with particular brands. We do not receive payment. If we ever do, for any reason, we’ll tell you. In any case – and this is important for brands wanting to submit something for review (which we obviously welcome!) – we’ll still tell you exactly what we think with no filters, but we’re fair in what we say. If it’s absolutely, irredeemably crap, we probably won’t bother doing a write up unless there is a good story behind it.

Basically, we’re not going to simply be product fluffers – you know what we’re talking about.

Real reviews, from real cyclists.


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