What to do if you are hit by a car while cycling

What to do if you are hit by a car while cycling

This week I will bring you into the weekend, hopefully, a little more prepared if the ride ends a little less than ideally. The accident, and more specifically, what to do if you are hit by a car while cycling. If it hasn’t happened to you, hopefully it never will. If it has, maybe some of these tips will help you deal with it better next time. I’ve had one bad accident, which involved only me, too much speed, and a corner full of gravel; one incident involving a car and contact resulting in damage to my bike only; and hundreds of near misses over the years, as recent as yesterday (the classic left hook).

There is lots of advice out there and I could give you my suggestions, but really, other people are either professionals in this field or far more experienced, so what follows is a bit of info that anyone who cycles should familiarize themselves with, starting with:

Before the accident happens.

It’s probably better that it doesn’t. Tips on how to avoid one in the first place.

Directly after the incident.

Tips from the always informative Cycling Tips.

Tips from Grist:

Post-Accident and follow-up.

Tips from your friendly bike insurer, Velosurance. During, and after.

Source: Velosurance

Source: Velosurance

And finally, if you really need to get stuck into the legal side of things, some tips from BicycleLaw.com. They are based in the US of A, but it should give you a good steer in the right direction even if you aren’t. There are actually a whole bunch of good articles and information on the rest of the site as well.

Now that you are a little more prepared, enjoy the weekend, keep your eyes open, assume everyone is out to kill you, and enjoy the ride!


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