Gravelaide - Supporting good times since 2016

Gravelaide – Supporting good times since 2016


It’s no secret that I enjoy a bit of gravel under my tyres. What’s not to love? Nothing, obviously. What is to love, mostly – at least around most built-up or metropolitan areas – is that it’s all about the chance to enjoy all of the fruits of road cycling without the constant pressure from traffic. And, some of the fun of mountain biking (or even hiking) without the required skill level or risk factor (though that can be found too), in beautiful surrounds.

Gravelaide - Supporting good times since 2016

Not a car in sight

Anyway, there are increasing numbers of people who are of the same opinion, and countless others who have yet to realize that it’s their favorite thing ever, which is why a couple of guys and myself have decided to see if we can start a bit of a gravel scene here in South Australia much like the rather larger scene in the US of A, the scene getting started in the UK, and the scene slowly finding its footing here in a few other States.

With that in mind, we’re excited to get things going with our first event: The Gravelaide Grinduro. The date is October 30th. The location is known (a short drive from Adelaide CBD), but the route will remain a secret to those registered until the day or two before. The course is 97% gravel, offers two lengths (66km/100km), many different conditions from glass-smooth gravel to a few reasonably technical sections that will see some choose to walk, heaps of awesome scenery, and a few climbs that you won’t soon forget!

Unfortunately, this isn’t really road-bike friendly. Even though a large portion of the course would be fine on a roadie, there is enough of it that won’t be.

Gravelaide - Supporting good times since 2016

This Gravelaide course will leave you feeling like you’ve definitely had a solid day in the saddle, so choose your route with that in mind! If 100km on the road is about your limit, you’ll wish you had opted for the shorter of the two routes. This is definitely not a race, and we want to encourage everyone to enjoy the company of others, cheer your new best-friends-forever up the climbs, and take loads of photos for the inevitable ‘gram collection! In any case, you’ll want to keep a little something in your back pocket for the last few km’s of the ride, if you know what I mean…

South Australia has an embarrassment of sweet gravel, and most people have no idea it’s there. We’re here to change that.

There will be good times, laughs, a killer route, a food/water stop, a few secret Strava segments to spice things up and win some prizes, and post-ride burgers, beer, and tunes.

Spots for this first event are limited to 100 people, so head over here to register. Then, go here to stay abreast on all details leading up to the inaugural Gravelaide Grinduro. If for some reason you’re not on the facebooks and therefore won’t be staying abreast on all the details once you register, send me an email or load up your carrier pigeon and we’ll make other arrangements for you.

Gravelaide - Supporting good times since 2016


All images: The Sticky Bidon