Getting excited - 2015 Peaks Challenge Falls Creek

Getting excited – 2015 Peaks Challenge Falls Creek

The name has changed, but the challenge remains. The Scoody 3 Peaks is now the Peaks Challenge Falls Creek, as it’s popularity has forced it to expand to series of events.

In any case, we are just about at the 12 week to go window, where training takes a slightly more serious tone. I need events like this to really get me going. There are enough things in most people’s lives that suck up your time and energy, and without any real motivation it is easy (for me) to decide that getting a bit more sleep in the morning is the better option, or that the Sunday morning ride turns into the Sunday afternoon ride which turns into the Monday ride, and on it goes. Winter is always a tough time to find motivation, but setting little targets like a race or a charity ride or a riding weekend away with the chaps keeps things ticking over, while big targets like the Peaks Challenge Falls Creek pretty much sets up your motivation for the 6 months of the year leading up to it. Things you have to book time off work for and pay money to be a part of tend to be more convincing than your local Tuesday night crit (which I’ve bailed on for the last two weeks, as it happens… but for legit reasons. Really!).

It’s not simply a tool to keep me in a reasonable state of fitness, though. As much as most people think that spending 8-12 hours on a bike and purposely heading for hills sounds a little daft, it’s actually what gets me excited. It’s the personal challenge. Finding the pain and making friends with it.

One of the biggest draws of this event aside from the challenge has to be the view from the saddle. There is no better way to take in your surroundings than by bike. Fast enough that you can cover a surprising amount of ground, but slow enough that you can really take it all in. My better-half and I rode the length of England – as a holiday! – a number of years ago, which is an experience that I would happily do again despite the many low points we hit along the way (like the rain we rode through for 70% of the journey). There are plenty of stunning locations in the world (for me they all involve mountains), but alpine Victoria is as nice as any, in its own way. Having the majority of the 235km of roads closed for you with food/drink stops and neutral service while you experience it is the icing on the cake. If you aren’t into rides of this length or would rather not have a time constraint hanging over your head, then I would definitely still recommend heading over to the Falls Creek/Bright area with your bike, a few mates, and a bit of time to enjoy some amazing riding in some amazingly nice surroundings.

Do you have a favourite ride that you look forward to, organized or not? Something that gets you out of your comfy bed in the morning?

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