From Amsterdam, with love

From Amsterdam, with love


We look at Amsterdam with green eyes, holding it up as the benchmark for cycling around the world. Perhaps it is from this lofty position that they are able to be so comfortable in lampooning their totally normal national way of life.

There are all kinds of ideas and misconceptions people have about cycling in Amsterdam, and this… well it doesn’t help clear any up, exactly. It kind of just adds to the mix. Nevertheless, it conveys cycling in Amsterdam to be enjoyable, easy, fun, and completely natural. It says, “Our cycling infrastructure is so good that we can do all kinds of stupid stuff on it and still get away with it. Aren’t we hilarious.”

And then we have Australia’s version of a humorous jab at their own cycling culture. I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something different about it… Hilarious, to be sure, but it doesn’t quite come from the same position of confidence, nay, pride, in their superior infrastructure. Well, I suppose the confidence is there, it’s just that it’s confidence in the wrong things.

So while they’re both pretty funny, Amsterdam ends up being all comedy, while Australia’s show just ends up being a tragedy.

Let’s turn those frowns upside down.


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