Fatbikes - ok, I get it

Fatbikes – ok, I get it


There are many things to talk about right now in the world as it concerns cycling, but between work and the Tour Down Under finishing up here in Adelaide, I’m yet again in the position where time has been a little short. Besides, it’s been a while since there’s been some lighter content here, so to start this week off, you get fatbikes…

For a while, I was all, “Fatbikes? Meh. You’re not riding to the South Pole or across the Sahara, so… why, exactly?”

Sure, they go places that regular mountain bikes can’t easily go, but once you reach the limit of what a modern mountain bike can handle, it’s probably time to turn around, right?

Not so fast. Although I’ve been “getting” fatbikes a little more lately, when I saw the video below the penny properly dropped.

What fatbikes are about is exactly what cycling in general has always been about. Freedom, escapism, exploring, fun, unleashing your inner child, pushing your limits, testing your resolve (though I think it would be pushing it to say that they are terribly useful for transportation purposes, which is a huge category of use). But they also allow people to enjoy riding a bike in more places and across all seasons, opening up all sorts of new adventures.

Fatbikes are another product for manufacturers to sell, but they aren’t only another product to sell. They have a place at the table (especially anywhere where there is snow, which is a whole lot of places), and they are a welcome addition to the ever-expanding selection of bikes on offer.

Where the trail ends, adventure awaits. Fatbikes for the win.


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