Taking the lane

A driving instructor on when cyclists should be taking the lane

This is what I’m talking about. We need more of this kind of thing in order for cycling to soak into the patchwork of fabric that is public road usage. More people who aren’t wearing lycra, and that may not identify themselves as a cyclist or even have a bike, need to come out and encourage people to be reasonable when using the road. I was going to write “sharing the road”, but I think the idea of “sharing” the road with cyclists would make some motorists tune out straight away, even though they share the road with other motorists and pedestrians all the time. Bikes have a special status in the eyes of motorists, which is a topic that will have its own space dedicated to it as soon as I can find the time to finish editing that one.

Anyway, Carlton Reid (of BikeHub and BikeBiz) brings us a video from Driving-instructor.tv’s Blaine Walsh and Michael Frearson of The Association of Bikeability Schemes that deals with cyclists taking the priority position on the road, commonly known as taking the lane. There are subtle conceptual differences between taking the priority position and taking the lane, to be sure, but either way, seeing someone who would traditionally be lumped into the motorist camp encourage cyclists to remain alive and uninjured by using the full width of the road when necessary is something quite wonderful. There are political and social leaders everywhere that are, maybe not so much taking the side of cyclists, but at least supporting their cause (and by cause I mean right to use the road and remain alive and unabused), but as a percentage their numbers are quite low. More are needed, and things like this can only help.

Cycling is a good thing. Let it happen. Pass this around and spread the word.


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