Death and textses - they're inevitable

Death and textses – they’re inevitable


Alright, so here’s the deal. I’m feeling pretty burned-out. I’m not getting enough sleep, bike-time, and I’m feeling reasonably meh about life in general all on account of trying to run this one-man show in all of my spare time. The upside for you is that you get a break from it for a bit. One week. Maybe two. Just enough to recharge the batteries. The social medias will carry on, but my long-winded waffling will temporarily cease.

Till then, here’s a quick one to send you off smiling. A tiny shot of brilliance. Six words, writ large on a billboard. Boom.

Text and drive. This is one of the simplest but most awesomest PSA’s ever, with a corresponding website.

And because you’ve been good, you get an added bonus in the form of some timely advice from 90 years ago. Lucas Brunelle would be proud.

There you go. Job done.

Go forth, enjoy yourselves, and ride bikes.


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