Cycling without age

Cycling without age, and apparently without limits


This is about the best way to head into the weekend that I can think of: inspired. I was originally going to show a different video to start off with, but after seeing this, there was no contest. There is nothing more that needs to be said by way of an introduction, other than, if you would like to be inspired to embrace life, there is no better solution than the combination of movement and servitude. If you can spare 15 minutes, you’ll not regret listening to Ole Kassow telling you about how much Cycling Without Age has affected everyone it touches.

There is, quite simply, nothing in this world quite like the simple act of riding a bicycle that brings colour and depth and clarity to ones life, with such ease.

Moving from inspirational to the inspired, I recently came across this clip from Chris Akrigg. He takes the crazy, high-production and totally insane trials riding from the likes of Danny Mcaskill and Martyn Ashton but takes it back to nature. This has more of the simple feeling of a kid who grabs his bike, heads out the back door and pedals his brains out through his neighborhood trails rather than through an elaborate industrial site or completely made up set in a warehouse.  On, over, and through anything he comes across – not because it is a challenge, but because he simply loves riding his bike.

Aaaaand, why not one more. Maybe you come back to this later when you have more time, but again, you get the sense that Chris isn’t only about trials riding, or big tricks, or any other specific ulterior motive, but is just a guy who is so pumped to be riding a bike that he can’t stop, no matter what object is put in front of him.

There. Hope you’re properly inspired. Enjoy your weekend.


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