Merry Christmas 2010 Peter Baer

Cycling Souvenirs, Handmade Cyclist, and Veloposters are your prelude to the weekend

It’s Friday, so instead of trying to engage you in a discussion of some moral or legal significance which might hurt a little and waste a mere 5-10 minutes, perhaps I can direct your attention to something a little more in keeping with the distraction you seek whilst waiting for the weekend to start. A prelude to the weekend, if you will. An apéritif. The curtain-raiser. At any rate, you won’t get caught nodding off at your desk (cmd+tab people, that’s all you need to know).

Product. Trinkets. Toys. Pretty, shiny things. Most importantly: things that have appeal for cyclists.

Below is a tiny collection of purveyors of pedaling-related product where you may treat yourself or one of your cycling obsessed friends or family members. Cyclists are impossible to buy gear for. Usually they have everything, and if they don’t, they’ll be super particular about what they’ll use. Forget about stuff you think they might use on the bike, and get them something they definitely will use off the bike. In fact, who cares if they aren’t into it! You are, so if they don’t like it (as if), it’s not your fault. It’s theirs.

Cycling Souvenirs has just such a collection. The product ranges from things that contain liquid of various kinds (coffee, tea, espresso, things that pour coffee, things that make coffee), things that contain various kinds of bodies (human adult bodies, human baby bodies, human, child and baby heads, and adult necks), things that represent other things (miniature cyclists, road markers), and things that I can’t group into a vague category (cuff-links).

My favourites: The mugs. These ones. The caps for kids are pretty sweet too.

Cycling Souvenirs

Set of 4 from Cycling Souvenirs

Veloposters. If you want exclusive prints, go here. Nice, clean design, and released in very small numbers. He can also do personalized, custom prints, and he’s got some kit coming soon which looks pretty classy. Taking pre-orders…

Veloposter custom print

Finally, we have The Handmade Cyclist. Really nice prints, and some on mugs too (why do I like mugs so much?). Probably my favourite collection of prints that I’ve come across (though the Veloposters prints are neck and neck). Hot Tip: check out the Grupetto link on the top/right and get ready for the most interesting journey through the history of the Tour from 1903 to present. It’s a real page turner (quite literally), so be prepared to set aside a good few minutes. One cannot help but think that the early Tours were far more interesting to follow…

The Handmade Cyclist

The Handmade Cyclist

There. Is it the weekend yet?


Header image: Peter Baer/Flickr