Cycling Scared

Cycling scared


Scared? It doesn’t look like it. These guys appear super human when you see them from the camera’s point of view. I mean, a rational person wouldn’t consider riding themselves off the side of a sheer cliff wearing nothing more than a helmet, gloves, t-shirt and jeans. Then, when they don’t get it quite right and somehow don’t die, they simply get up and try it again. Like this, which just happened (and for which I have a bit of a concern about):

I don’t get it.

But then here, we may get a glimpse of what is truly going on in their full faced helmets, and it starts to make a tiny bit more sense…

That makes me feel a little better, but either way, they’re insane. Or just skilled in a way that I can’t even comprehend. Still, I’m a bit scared just watching it…


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