Cycling is hot. Iceland is cold. Together, I guess they're pretty cool.

Cycling is hot. Iceland is cold. Together, I guess they’re pretty cool.

Ohhhh, I know. Best title ever.

Trendy things always gravitate towards each other. Iceland is the go-to place at the moment, for good reason. One, it’s pretty great, and two, it’s new. Well, not that new. It’s been around for a while now – for at least as long as I can remember, but it’s new for things that are trendy. I’m not sure why, because it’s had all the things that make it exciting now for more than the last few years. Maybe it was that big volcano that tipped us off. Let’s not get too caught up in why it’s cool. Quit worrying about it, it’s just cool, alright?

Iceland is in fact so cool now that people want to take their bikes and ride around it while filming their experiences, and that means that it’s truly made it. Iceland is now for real. And what we get from people doing this is, now and then, a pretty good effort at making something at least mildly entertaining.

The following is one of those pretty good efforts. In no small part because the guy that walks you through the whole thing (Dick Phillips) is wonderfully entertaining to watch and listen to. The narration is… alright, but the scenery is predictably awesome, and, well, who wouldn’t want to ride around all that? Plus, I love the sound of riding on icy, hard-packed snow. Maybe because I grew up walking on the stuff for months every year…

Anyway, this is something I would definitely do at the drop of a hat – as long as there were warm and dry B&B’s conveniently spaced along the route. Because I’m a hard man. Cement for breakfast, nails for lunch, warm and dry B&B’s for dinner and sleepy-time, kind of hard.

Enough rambling from me… I present to you, Horace and the Rough Stuff Fellowship


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