cycling ads

Cycling ads, ads with cycling

I’ve had a few cycling ads put in front of me recently, so I thought I’d have a look around for a few more and put them in front of your eyeballs. Some are ads for bikes, some are ads with cycling as the lead role.

First up, an ad from a big shop from the UK. I’m a supporter of the little guys, generally, but Halford’s have been employing a pretty talented ad agency lately:

And then there’s this one:

An older ad from Fiat. I’m with the car on this one…

From Transport for London, we have a cute little ad that’s not really that spectacular, in my opinion, but the tagline at the end takes a pretty strong tone coming from a body that is in charge of all of London’s public roads.

I almost don’t want to include this one because it’s cheesier than a stuffed crust cheese pizza with extra cheese, but it’s from Canadia and it is an honest attempt to send a really basic and important message to the general driving population.

Lowriders. Sprite. The connection is obvious.

Hang on a minute… this looks a little familiar…

Remember this guy? Nike had him on their payroll for a while.

This one is just a big celebration of America’s former beacon of hope. I would like to think that even at the time it ranked a bit high on the gag-O-meter, but we were all pretty sucked-in at the time, so I’m sure everyone was all, “I’m naming my first-born after this guy!”. Now, however, the comparison to a freight train, a raging herd of buffalo, birds in flight, and rebels without a cause, all with a horribly lame-o and breathy singer just making sounds over the entire thing makes me feel the need to yak up my Cheaties – I mean, Wheaties.

And one from when bicycle racing was more of an honest test of a man’s resolve (to keep it together while buzzing from alcohol, strychnine, nitroglycerine, ether, amphetamines, or good old cocaine):

And, let’s end on a high note… or at least, a completely bizarre note…

Google translates the tagline as, “For every ass the right wheel”. So there you go.

Cycling ads. Ads with cycling.


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