Copenhagan's latest bicycle innovations - it's ridiculous!

Copenhagan’s latest bicycle innovations – it’s ridiculous!

Oh, Copenhagen. They’re like that guy that comes into the room, does whatever you are trying with all your might to do with no apparent effort, looks good (exceptionally good, judging by the image above) while doing it, gives you a big slap on the back, a wink, says nothing, and then leaves the room, leaving you, speechless. And depressed.

Now, to be fair, once you are really, really good at something, it’s really quite easy doing it over and over again, and it gets easier to learn new tricks along the way. Still, it’s a little bit demoralizing when the place you live in is still squabbling over the only (tiny) section of segregated bike lane, but I prefer to take this as a bit of inspiration. There are some absolutely brilliant ideas they’ve put into practice lately, my favourite being the “green wave”. Not only are traffic signals timed for cyclists (you’ll get them all green if you maintain 20kph), but you get an indication of whether you will make the light or not the entire length of the cycleway. Fantastic.

Some facts to take away? Heavy construction across the city has made it quite difficult to get around, and as a result, more people have turned to cycling for their transportation needs. How many? 41%! And only 12% of Copenhaganers (?) are driving! That’s ridiculous. I’m not ready to say we need to make it more difficult to use a car (I’m not not saying that either…), but the fact is, it usually results in people finding other ways to travel.

Anyway, check out Copenhagen’s latest bicycle innovations from Streetfilms, and be amazed.



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