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  1. Grant / 9-15-2016 / ·

    What if the default response to drivers that admit that they didn’t see someone on a bike was for the driver to be re-tested for their fitness to drive.

  2. Simon / 1-19-2016 / ·

    Thanks for the articles on the jeans. I live in the Levi Commuter jeans and ride to work in them pretty much every day. I haven’t found anything close. When Levi’s did the commuter jeans they came out with a super skinny version. I have those… and my other ones are simply taken in. I’m assuming Rapha don’t do the sprinter jeans anymore? I need to be a bit more dressy for work. Any other jeans like the Levi’s you’ve come across?

    1. Graeme / 1-19-2016 / ·

      I’d say that the Cadence jeans were pretty similar to the Levi’s, but they were a bit too short for me, and the Levi’s had a bit more stretch. Rapha said they were coming out with a new version of the jeans when I got mine, one with more stretch, but the info on their website doesn’t do a very good job of distinguishing between the two jeans on offer. Not sure if, or how, they are different. I’ve heard good things about Creux, but I haven’t tried them and they’re in between versions anyway…

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