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  1. Steve Fulford / 1-3-2018 / ·

    Hi there,
    Just found your link on JOM’s latest post. Checked out your rides and reviews etc….very entertaining. I live in Bendigo Central Victoria and have been riding the gravel for about 5 years now, mostly by myself. I’d be interested in having a chat about how you got Gravelaide up and running, and with such good numbers. We have a very active cycling community here and a weekly cycling newsletter, in which I’ve given invites to join me on gravel rides but with limited success…..some people remember my aggressive racing days…. But now it’s about the fun and adventure, and the joy of pushing oneself out of the “square”. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Steve Fulford
    Steve f LAGG on gravel

    1. Graeme / 1-8-2018 / ·

      Thanks Steve. As far as the Gravelaide story goes, it was pretty organic, really. In fact… maybe it’s worth addressing this in a new post…

      In the meantime, I’m not sure I have any relevant advice to give, as we didn’t really experiment with informal rides and went straight to organising our first official event as we believed that there was enough of a scene here in SA that could support it. Had we just invited people out to join us on regular rides, who knows? I’m sure the uptake would be in the single-digits or at most teens (as was the case with JOM’s Barossa ride recently). I think it’s just the nature of the beast – bigger, official events draw more people. Not sure that counts as advice, but perhaps organising something more “official”, even on a very small scale, might bring more people out?

  2. Grant / 9-15-2016 / ·

    What if the default response to drivers that admit that they didn’t see someone on a bike was for the driver to be re-tested for their fitness to drive.

  3. Simon / 1-19-2016 / ·

    Thanks for the articles on the jeans. I live in the Levi Commuter jeans and ride to work in them pretty much every day. I haven’t found anything close. When Levi’s did the commuter jeans they came out with a super skinny version. I have those… and my other ones are simply taken in. I’m assuming Rapha don’t do the sprinter jeans anymore? I need to be a bit more dressy for work. Any other jeans like the Levi’s you’ve come across?

    1. Graeme / 1-19-2016 / ·

      I’d say that the Cadence jeans were pretty similar to the Levi’s, but they were a bit too short for me, and the Levi’s had a bit more stretch. Rapha said they were coming out with a new version of the jeans when I got mine, one with more stretch, but the info on their website doesn’t do a very good job of distinguishing between the two jeans on offer. Not sure if, or how, they are different. I’ve heard good things about Creux, but I haven’t tried them and they’re in between versions anyway…

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