The bus stops here

The bus stops here

Today you don’t get bicycles, you get buses. You also get awesome.

Europe has always had some pretty great commercials, and they have also been a little better than some at getting people out of cars and onto alternative transportation. Here, those two things are brought together.

Danish bus (and train) coordinator Midttrafik looks after… well, buses and trains, obviously, for the region of Midtjylland in Denmark. They are the ones behind these fantastic ads which aim to get more people riding the bus.

All I really want to say about this is a) awesome, and b) wouldn’t it be great to see this kind of approach taken to get more people cycling on a regional or national level? At the moment, in Australia at least, there are television campaigns, but they are centered around getting people to respect each other on the roads and are all quite serious (probably because it is a serious business) and have so far failed to take into account that cycling can actually be awesome, not just safe-enough-to-not-get-you-killed. Don’t get me wrong, the situation here is the kind of bad that sadly required the TV to tell people that hurting other people is a bad thing, even if they are on bikes, and as such, I don’t think it is a waste of time devoting air-time to that end.

I think what I am jealous of is not simply that Denmark has awesome ads about taking public transport, but that it is in a position where it can have fun with it, not just react to all the fires that need putting out. I seem to have just slipped into thinking that a lack of public transport use is the same kind of situation as a hostile relationship between people who drive and people who cycle, which it is not, but what I mean to say is that it would be beneficial, I think, to have some fun and positive campaigns like these ads for cycling to encourage more people to do it, rather than pleading with the general public to not drive into each other.

Anyway, watch, and enjoy. There is an extra one at the end from another Dutch somethingorother (there is no English viewing option, so I’m not actually sure what it is…) for your viewing pleasure. If you like to minimize how much reading you do, then the first one can be watched here without subtitles.


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