Have bikes, will travel

Have bikes, will travel


This is going to be one of those Friday posts where I’m all, “hey, it’s Friday, so you should just relax and ease into the weekend with a cool video”, when really I mean, “I had no time to put together a long, sarcastic, whinge about something I thought should be different than it was”.

Then again, below is actually a pretty good little video. And, it even illustrates a point that could easily pass as one that is strong enough to carry this post all on its own, which is as follows:

Bikes are pretty great. Riding them is even better. Bikes take us to all kinds of places. Happy places, profound places, difficult places, comfortable places, vast and beautiful places, and best of all, bikes take us there under our own power and volition. It is because bikes, and the riding of them, are such great things, that we sometimes go to great lengths in order to ride them. For some, that could be getting up at 4am to spend time on them before the kids wake up and the daily grind begins. For others, it could be climbing all the way up the sharp and exposed peaks of the Dolomites with our bikes on our backs simply in order to ride them back down.

Because we love to ride bikes.

Because we love what riding bikes does to us, and for us.

Happy weekending. Go ride a bike.


Header image: The Sticky Bidon