Aim high - set your sights on Groningen

Aim high – set your sights on Groningen


Well, we can dream, can’t we?

“Our city is too established!” “We don’t have the space for cycling!” “It would cause chaos on the roads!”

Whatever. Show me a city that has a cycling mode-share of anything over, let’s aim low and say 5%, that isn’t healthy or getting healthier in the big picture (I don’t just mean physically), where people can’t get to their destinations on-time, where people aren’t happier, where economies aren’t improving, that isn’t increasingly able to serve the needs of all of its inhabitants, that isn’t more efficient – basically, show me a city where more accommodation for cycling is actually worse off in the big picture.

You can’t. Because it’s impossible. Cycling is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!

Really though, its does tend to have a pretty good effect on places. Groningen is one of those places. I’d say it’s an anomaly, because about half of its population is under the age of 30 (which is actually pretty anomalous), and about a quarter of its population is uni students (again, that helps…), or that it just happens to have lucked into a population that loves to cycle, but it’s not an anomaly.

It’s full of people who choose to cycle everywhere because it’s the best way to get around the city. Those people in charge of Groningen decided that if cycling is good for its citizens, it’s economy, it’s health, then they should give the city over to the people, not their cars. And then, like magic, you get more and more people getting from A to B by bike. It’s not a mystery.

It’s just Groningen.


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